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About Us

PITCH Hamburg is dedicated to fostering the growth of the next generation of small business entrepreneurs by offering programs, mentorship, and workspace for entrepreneurial endeavors.

Established as a 501(c)3 organization in 2022, PITCH Hamburg takes an innovative approach to supporting small businesses in their early stages, having assisted ten companies through two cohorts since its inception in 2022.

The core program includes six months of comprehensive business development training and an additional six months of incubator space. PITCH Hamburg also hosts public workshops and collaborates with local educational institutions to promote entrepreneurship education.

PITCH Hamburg focuses its resources and expertise solely on nurturing small businesses and releases cohort applications every fall. Applicants are evaluated based on criteria aligning with PITCH's mission to enhance Hamburg's economic vitality without competing with existing businesses. Following interviews, 5-6 entrepreneurs are selected for the program.

Once accepted into the cohort, businesses receive tailored support from PITCH staff and volunteer mentors, leveraging the organization's local network for additional industry-specific resources. Workshops cover various topics, including legal advice, social media training, and financial literacy.

At the end of the program, entrepreneurs present their businesses at a public event, with three recipients receiving a $5,000 grant selected by a panel of judges. Participants retain access to the incubator space for an additional six months, along with ongoing educational and developmental opportunities beyond the initial program and mentorship.

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